In addition to the beach holidays, Bibione also offers a sports tourism.

The city is ideal for those who love cycling, because it offers 30 km of cycle paths to discover its hidden corners. Paths and trails are suitable for adults and children and will enable you to know the uncontaminated natural places in Bibione with 5 tours divided in sea, city and pine wood.

Cycle paths, beach and pine wood are good also for walking and jogging. During the hot days, we recommend you to walk and run in the early morning, fresher, less chaotic and with a sunrise over the sea of Bibione that will leave you breathless.

The beach is surely the perfect place to do sports in the summer time, both alone or followed by trainers for free: from traditional beach volleyball and beach soccer to the new beach rugby and beach tennis in the provided fields located in many point after the last row of beach umbrellas.
In this regard, the Bibione Sport Village is the place for people who love sports on the beach, with more than 5000 square meters of fields, a stand and a gym.

If you prefer to do something more relaxing, a walk, a run, the Nordic Walking and also a yoga lesson are the best activities to do on the shore. Those who love the sea, can go swimming, windsurfing and diving through free courses with highly qualified instructors.

In Bibione you can also fishing!
The sea and the lagoon are very good places for everyone who loves this kind of sport: surfcasting, that is the fishing from the beach, fishing on the river Tagliamento, where you need a fishing license or a daily permission for tourists, and the fishing with boat that you can hire at the marina of Bibione Pineda.

During the summer there are a lot of important sporting events that you can watch for free. Among the many, we suggest the Beach Volley Marathon, the Bibione Beach Fitness, several beach tennis tournaments, the Beach Rugby Festival, the 5-a-side Football Meeting Mizuno Cup, the surfcasting night competition Palombo d'Oro and the Bibione Run with its many collateral events.