The beach

With a length of 11.5 km and an average width of 400 m of golden, fine and soft sand, the beach in Bibione offers you many space between the beach umbrellas, so as to ensure reasonable personal space and more tranquillity.

The quality of the beach is confirmed by the many European Blue Flags, environmental award given to the seaside resorts and by the EMAS Registration, an international recognition which awards the preservation of delicate environmental eco-system.

The beach is perfect for those who love the tan: with its orientation towards Zenith, it is constantly exposed to the sun from morning until evening.

So you can stay under the sun or relax under the beach umbrellas while you surf the net from your smartphone thanks to the Wi-Fi connection available also at the beach. To use it, just buy a Connection Card at the ticket offices and choose the best for you: daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal.

And if you have some questions about Wi-Fi or any another problem, you find the Customer Service direct on the beach, ready to satisfy your requests.

The beach in Bibione is very loved by the families because the sea bottom goes down gradually and is safe for children. They can play on the seashore and learn to swim easily. Furthermore, they can have fun with the animation service: Baby and Mini Clubs for kids from 3 to 12 years old offer games, sport and educational activities along the beach from Sunday to Friday for free. Even adults have their entertainment with sport tournaments and games before aperitif.

While you are relaxing or having fun, the lifeguards of 22 stations along the beach watch over your safety. In Bibione there is also the First Aid centre and a defibrillation unit with physicians for immediate assistance.

In a beach so rich in service for all tourists, you have also the possibility to book online the beach umbrella from home.
With the agency Casa Mare you can book it at the moment of the confirmation of your apartment in Bibione. You may ask for your voucher code, go to our website and click on “book your place on the beach”. The online booking of a beach umbrella in Bibione from the 4th row is free, while for the three front rows there is an additional cost.