Nature holiday

Beside to have fun on the beach in Bibione, you can also discover its beautiful natural hidden corners.

Walk down to the lighthouse at the mouth of the river Tagliamento to relax and enjoy the landscape, where Mediterranean and Alpine flora coexist.

The holiday in the nature in Bibione will bring you also in the fishing valley Valgrande, an oasis of great natural value declared “local heritage walking sites”. This area is the ideal place nature lovers: 360 hectares of wild unpolluted vegetation with an oak forest of more than 150 years, deers, wild boars and wild horses and the remains of an ancient Roman maritime villa complete with original mosaics. Valgrande can be visited on foot, on horseback or by bike accompanied by an expert guide who speak both Italian and English.

In a few minutes from Bibione, the Zoo Punta Verde gives you the chance to see different species of animals in a large park, located on a bend of the river Tagliamento and immersed in the greenery. In addition to watching animals, you will learn about their behaviours and participate in the initiatives promoted by the park to encourage respect for nature.